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13 May 2012 @ 03:32 pm
Oh man life's gunna be crazy.

Next weekend i'm going up to Bellingham (where i went to college) to reminisce and hang out with old friends. The following week my mom is coming out to visit. The week right after this we have our convention at work, and then after that Chris is moving out.

... and Artslam is coming up! I.. really wish i could participate. I had so much fun last year, but i've been so busy i don't see how i'm going to carve out the time for it.

Bought a camera! I've wanted one for years, so i finally splurged and spent way too much money on one. I thought about a DSLR, but they're so damn impractically bulky. This was a good compromise~

Welp. Time to go work on those hate-filled commissions!
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22 April 2012 @ 11:11 am
The trip to boston was wonderful. Seeing chris again, lots of pax craziness, and spending lots of time with friends. Sadly we didn't get much one-on-one time, though. Upon returning, i was so socially exhausted that i just cloistered myself away for a whole week.
Chris'll be moving out in two months. It seems so close!.. but there's still a lot we have to get squared away before the move, though.

Work has been a manageable amount of crazy. Deadlines are rapidly approaching, but as far as my share of things it's all been manageable.

I was an idiot, and recently took on some design commission work... I'm so used to always jumping on these opportunities for potential portfolio pieces that, i never stopped to think if i actually NEEDED the work or the money. Turns out, i don't need either. What i did need, however, was my free time (especially since i've been sick); and i went and sold that for chump change...


Despite that, I was feeling good yesterday, so i went down to Pikes Place and bought some fancy teas at the spice shop. I also decided it was time to add to my mask collection, and blew all the commission money on a Tibetian ganesh mask. Figured if i was going to work for peanuts, i might as well do something fun with those peanuts to make it more bearable.
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25 February 2012 @ 11:03 am
Last weekend I went absolutely crazy and did the 24hr Art Book Challenge. Pretty much just like the 24hr Comic Book Challenge, only you do artings instead of making a comic. It can't be just ONCE piece, though, as it needs to fill the book, which everyone who participates gets a copy of.
It was kind of a surreal experience. The whole challenge thing was made up by my boss years ago, and he collects creative people he knows to take part in it with him every year or so. So this year, he grabbed the whole design team all three of us, and we holed up in my supervisors house for what ended up to be the entire weekend. It was really fun. I feel really lucky, and even more unworthy, to work with such interesting people.
I've done quite a few art challenges in my day, but this one was really fulfilling. A great way to further develop your style, and see how other people work in comparison. I averaged about a piece an hour. Here are a few quick photos of the maddness. [1] [2] [3]

I feel like some sort of crazy for wanting to do it again. Alas, i only have one friend willing to do this with me; and two crazies with paints does not an art book make.

Other than that, life continues to treat me with decency. I have no real honest complaints. The only one i do have will be remedied by June, when Chris moves in <3.
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05 February 2012 @ 04:58 pm
I was unaware that i had seasonal depression until it vanished.
Yesterday was AMAZINGLY nice out. We've had a few nice days, but yesterday kicked the plants out of their sleep. It just smells like growth and living things out there. Going outside was like a slap in the face. I'd been unreasonably down for a number of weeks, and it's so nice to be rid of all that negativity.

Shoddy paintings have been put on hold for crazy character sheets. I did one for Rios, and i'm working on one for Kvara at the moment. Nice to have the energy to pour into silly drawings again.

Been in an art-buyin' mood lately. Been looking for people to do art-trades with or get commissions from (hence the character sheets). I'd rather do trades, because i've been hankering to do some fan-art for people for awhile, and it'd be fun to get some kick-ass art in return. Sadly, doesn't look like too many people are up for trades; so i'm going to have to result to shut-up-and-take-my-money tactics.

Planning on maybe doing a short comic, to challenge myself, after these are done. Got a few projects in line so i can pace myself through it, and not get too scared and run away like the last few times i've tried to scribble out a comic.
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19 January 2012 @ 07:05 pm
This snowpocalpyse is destroying my sick day collection. Been snowed in most of this week, and it's boring as hell. I'm considering the two hour walk to work tomorrow just so i don't have to sit inside for the 3rd day in a row. I'm going stir crazy.

I've been working on drawing a lot more. Been using my breaks at work to unwind and sketch. Went and blew 40$ on art supplies last week to help motivate my frugal ass into keeping the creative up. Pens, brushes, canvas... The kind of stuff i've wanted to get for months, but always put it off because i'm either too cheap or too lazy.
Decided i'm going to dust off and use my damn tumblr thing to keep up on projects, and knock off the reblog nonsense. I'm feelin' motivated! Lets hope i can keep it up.

Five months until Chris moves out here. I'm excited and anxious. It'll be a huge step for us, but one we're both ready to make.

Welp, these miniatures arn't going to paint themselves...
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07 January 2012 @ 04:34 pm
Christmas break was fantastic. So nice to see everyone again. Family showed us a great time. We went on a cave tour, a crazy amusement park, and shot off tons of fire works. We also ate like gods. Chris got along great with the family. He was very popular~

I've been aggressively ill since the flight back. Recycled air. Gets me every time.

It was a little jarring coming back at first. Going from i'm surrounded by pets and family all the time back to you hear nothing but your own thoughts in the cold lonely apartment was a bit depressing. Despite this plague, i've been trying to go out and do things with friends and stay busy. After a week of crazy-busy, i think a weekend of my own thoughts finally sounds nice.

Been itching to start a project lately.
I need something to work on. To improve. I keep bouncing around from little project to project; nibbling at them without really making any progress. Can't seem to settle on just one... so instead my focus gets spread to thin over too much. Bah.

At least i'm staying busy, i guess..
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Made the mistakes of drinking wine for dinner. OOPS.

Packing for the Christmas trip to Missouri tomorrow. Family time! Boyfriend Time! Super excited!!! despite the fact that tonight will be the last sleep i get for 30+ hours. Nnngh, red eye.

My number of friends is dwindling... Friends from highschool are non-existent. Practically all my friends from college now live elsewhere, where it's very difficult to connect regularly. I have lots of internet friends, but we all know those arn't real people. I'm trying to connect with new people, but it seems like as i do,old friends drop away...
I feel like this guy... But instead of limes, it's meaningful friendships. And instead of lots of them, it's like... three.

Oh well. I have no damn social life, but at least my career is fulfilling.
Apparently i tricked someone into thinking i do something interesting, and i'm now cursed into doing blogs for work every few weeks, talking about logos and crap. I'd link to it, but for fear of someone from work finding this ugly thing via googling, i'll refrain. If you care enough and know where i work, dig around on the blog there; you'll see my ugly mug.

I feel like somethings missing from my life... I don't know what it is, and I don't know how to find it... Whatever. I'll find time for this deep introspective crap later.
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10 December 2011 @ 03:41 pm
I love how i always look forward to the weekends... until they're here, and i just want them to end already so i can get back to doing stuff.

Works been a bit stressful. Lots of deadlines lining up with one another. Stayed late a few nights just so i could have piece of mind come friday. Working on fun stuff, though!... just gotta do that fun stuff fast.

Was looking through my photobucket gallery for whatever reason, and it started to dawn on me how god damn rusty i've gotten artistically. A lot of the sketches in there (that are 3 years old) are better than the stuff i can drudge up now. I used to draw every day back then, and this whole year i've been lucky to pick up a pencil once a month.
So now i'm all motivated to draw, but completely lacking inspiration. Full tank of gas, and no where to go... Kind of an odd feeling.
I think chris and i are going to try a collaboration again. He writes a short story on what i draw, and then I draw what he writes a short story on. It's a fun exercise, and it helps give each other a little motivational kick in the pants.

Fourteen days until i get to see the family and boy!~ This christmas is going to be a memorable one. <3t
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26 November 2011 @ 04:07 pm
Not dead yet.

Life's been alright. 'Been fighting bouts of depression the last few weeks. It's tough having many of my friends, practically all of my family, and the boy i love; all living far away. You get to feeling rather lonely, especially come the holidays. I'm trying not to dwell on it, though.

Starting work on a wiki for my headworld (an idea i stole from feather_dancer). It's a great help getting ideas organized, and it's keeping me be motivated to start working on the cities, cultures, and religions in the world... which is something i've had a tough fully fleshing out.

Works been good. Hiring a new designer, so the work load should lighten. I've been doing a lot of packaging layouts and photography lately with all the deadlines approaching. I think once the new guy gets on board I'll be able to go back to the fun stuff, designing aspects for the new game.

Speaking of games; holyshit Skyrim.
I'm 60 hours in, and only level 24. I spend about 80% of my time in that game just dicking around the world and exploring. I've only recently turned to the story quests... God damn. No game has any right to be this good.

Recently i've fallen into a fondness for mead and expensive cheese. I think Skyrim is partially to blame, for showing all those mead bottles and huge cheese wheels... Either way, shit is delicious. Think that's whats going to be for dinner tonight; mulled mead with fine brie on toasted bread. Mmmmmmm~
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10 November 2011 @ 05:27 pm
I have two DOTA2 beta keys...

...everyone I know either doesn't play DOTA-clones, or is already in the beta.


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