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27 July 2014 @ 11:47 am
sneks and atrs  
▪ I've been in a randomly good mood lately. The smell of living things, the good weather, it's all oozing into my soul and giving me these good feels. I'm familar with being randomly-down-in-the-dumps-for-no-reason, so it's weird and exciting feeling the opposite.

▪ Ahh I'm in love with my snake. She's so beautiful and adorable and wow gosh snakes are great. I took some close up photos of her the other day that i'm really proud of. The way she reflects rainbows in the sun, the faint gradient in each scale, the tiny imperfections in her patterning. How people can be afraid of these stunning, harmless creatures boggles my mind.

▪ Speaking of snakes, i'm getting a second one this year! A jungle carpet python from a very well-respected breeder, who happens to be local and literally wrote the book on the species. I'm extremely lucky. I could not have nailed down a better breeder. I'm SUPER excited about this snake oh my gosh.

▪ Starting to draw again. Slowly. It's comforting that I haven't regressed too much in these years of inactivity. Drawing and thinking visually for my design job probably helped me not lose my footing too much.
It's weird. Before this job, I wanted to strive to get "better". More realistic. More accurate. More dynamic. Now I care more about style and enjoyment from my art than anything else. Working in such proximity to people who do concept art and illustration for a living has taught me how much i don't want to do that shit. It's not for me. Too stressful, too little agency, so much competition, and fuck the stresses of freelancing.
For me drawing will always just be a hobby and a way to unwind, and I vastly prefer it that way~
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