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06 July 2014 @ 01:05 pm
random crap  
▪ The 4-year-long mystery of the nasty-tub-and-sink has been resolved. Ever since I moved out of college, I've noticed that the bathtub gets nasty brown scum REALLY fast. Then my sister (roommate) left for three weeks and.... it's gone! It's been her make-up the whole damn time. Layers of foundation and whatever-else she uses. At least it's not mystery mold...

▪ On a related note, my sister is an awesome roommate but it'll be refreshing when she's able to strike out on her own, if for no other reason than I get to cook breakfast without pants on every morning.

▪ Been feeling really low in the self esteem department lately. No idea why. Could just be my grumpy introverted energies getting revenge for all the social antics i've been dragging myself through. I just can't shake the feeling that I'm a "bad person". It's fine when i'm hanging out with like.. one friend or two friends... but when we get the whole gang of +10 together I just start hating myself for everything I say and do. Makes parties exhausting cause i'm too busy battling self hatred to actually enjoy myself.

▪ In positive news, I got my yearly review and a raise. Woo. Work convention went well this year. First year I was ever able to play games with con attendees! It went really well. It was fun. Everyone was super chill and hyper-nice. I'm somewhat competent at the game we make now too, hurray!

▪ Been playing Guild Wars 2 again on and off. I like leveling alts more than I do all the min-maxing dungeon-grinding gear-perfecting level-80 crap. Think I'm alone in that though. A friend of mine is getting me to apply to this crazy guild that requires an application and then a voice interview and I just can't dredge enough care from giveafuck bay urrrghhhhhhh why is this necessary.

▪ Okay it's nice out i'm going to enjoy the weather and eat riceballs.
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