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23 May 2014 @ 10:23 pm
Holy shit livejournal is crazy now  
Woah a post what the fuck. I don't know. Been meaning to for months now. Think i'm going to start posting on here again. No one is here. It's great.

▪ I went to japan. It was fucking fantastic. I promised myself last night i was there, years ago on a balcony at night overlooking tokyo, that i'd come back some day... never actually thought I'd make it back~ Really gave me the itch to see the world again. Trip itself was crazy. C r a z y. Wont' even make an attempt at summarizing it. It's impossible.

▪ Got glasses. My vision is shit now. Nearsighted 20/60. Optometrist was all "Yeah the DMV's probably not gunna let you pass without glasses." Christ it didn't FEEL that bad... Getting old's already sucking balls and I'm only twenty-fucking-six.

▪ Lilly-chan is constantly feeding my obsession and love of snakes. Had her for around two years now. I adore her. Never been so impassioned by an animal I've kept. She didn't eat for nine months after we moved apartments, though. Had me pulling my hair out. Did vet trips, hours of research; everything I could. Finally figured out it was a blend of our apartment move and the approaching winter that just lined up perfectly and got her off food because ball pythons are picky ass jerks like that. Now she's a damn voracious rat-devouring demon though so [shrug].

▪ Job shit's goin' well. Has been great for years, really. Christ, I've been there a long time. Like four years now. Great place, though... I toy with the idea of re-stocking my resume, fixing my site back online, and trudging off into the job market again... but then I remember how much that sucks, and how nice, secure, and enjoyable my job is. I'm sure I could make better money if I worked somewhere else, but I doubt I could land a better work environment.

Eh. That's about it i guess. I'll try to hop on here more regularly for the two and a half people that check their livejournal friends page once a month.
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