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12 May 2013 @ 02:13 pm
Reptile Expo Rundown  
▪ I got to hold a baby chameleon! The little thing was so young the breeders weren't even selling them yet. Really cool animals to watch. Some of the adults there were just gorgeous. Bright reds, teals, and even some golds in one individual. Amazing animals, but I don't think I could keep an insectivore again. too much work.

▪ There was a booth of tarantula sellers. I never really understood the appeal of keeping tarantulas, but after looking at some of those... Yeah~ I get it~ Tarantulas look surprisingly cute in person. Some of them in particular were really really chill. A little boy was holding one, letting people get a chance to hold her.

▪ So. Many. Ball pythons. God they're so cute. So many morphs too! Really like those super light washed-out looking morphs. Some of them wern't as expensive as I thought, too. Might look into getting Lilly a boyfriend some day. Lots of other snakes too! Lots of boa constrictors and corn snakes. A shockingly large number of rainbow boas and carpet pythons. Had no idea those were so popular. Also saw a few emerald tree boas, green tree pythons, and western hognoses <3! I've been planning on getting another snake in the next few years. I was hoping the expo would help me narrow down what i wanted... NOPE. NOW I WANT ALL THE SNAKES.

▪ Talked with the local Herpalogical Society guys. Kinda interested in joining and going to a few of their monthly meet-ups. Also found a frozen rodent hook-up. Apparently they do a lot of supplies for local zoos and veterinary hospitals. You can just order online and pick it up at one of their veterinary drop sites, no shipping charge.

▪ The Monroe Reptile Zoo did a show. The eastern diamond back and yellow cobra were my favorites. Really surreal seeing someone hold those animals so casually. The diamond back was really chill. A no-fucks-given kinda guy. The cobra had it's hood up for a bit, but once he picked her up she just cruised around with her hood down. Both of them were shockingly tame. I guess a career in show-biz will do that to any animal.
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