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06 May 2013 @ 09:26 pm
Life update #325  
▪ We're moving! Finally! Either this month or next, depending on availability. I'm a bit anxious about the actual move (why am i such a pack-rat), but being in a less mold-ridden place I'm super excited for. The new place is a bit nicer, a bit bigger, walking-distance from work, my favorite grocery store, and some nice parks.

▪ My 2-year review is coming up at work. Can't believe it's been two years... The formality behind a review process feels so strange at my workplace. Every day is make-fart-jokes-and-hang-out-with-cool-bros casual friday. Just the formality of a review alone has me a bit nervous, but my boss was cracking jokes about trying to find things to even mark me down for, so that's a pretty awesome feel.

▪ Got all the parts in that i'll need to make my sculpted Cthulhu keychains!... now i just need to motivate myself to finish the sculpt. Bah. It's almost done, i'd just rather be sculpting other things right now. I've got so many miniatures to assemble and paint, and my skullbird doll to finish. I'm REALLY excited to work on the doll. Gotta make a sewing pattern for it, still... aaaand I'm not allowing myself to work on that until the keychains are done. BAH!

▪ Ho damn the weather was SUPER this weekend I took Lilly outside so she could get some sun. She was a bit skittish at first, but she seemed to enjoy it once i put her down in the grass. Normally she just slithers to the nearest hiding spot, but she explored around in the grass and stretched out. She seemed super keen on all the new smells. Super cute to watch her periscope up like a cobra and check out her surroundings.

▪ There's a local Reptile Expo on the 11th! Super excited! I'm hoping they have some custom caging there so I can upgrade Lilly's home. Also planning on getting some bulk rats. I hope my self control is good enough to resist buying a hognose or a woma...
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desugoji: [ vidya ] - bubblundesugoji on May 7th, 2013 10:49 pm (UTC)
Hey, I'll be at that expo as well! Maybe we'll bump into eachother? I promise I'm more mellow than my journal has prooobably made me out to be lately (haaa...).

I feel you on the self control part, though! I know I'll be internally sobbing the entire time, but I just can't have any pets right now.

And wow, your work sounds awesome!
Laine: .:Bzankara on May 8th, 2013 02:18 am (UTC)
That'd be awesome if I saw you there! Yay for local internet-buddies! :D

Ugh. Yeah. I'm excited to see all the beautiful animals, but bummed knowing I really shouldn't take any home... It's rough cause I can afford it!... but my living situation as it stands really isn't ideal for another snakefriend.
I'm just gunna keep telling myself "It's a ~20 year commitment that can wait".