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05 April 2013 @ 10:07 pm
Stuff and things  
• My resin figures are doing well! I've sold over half of them! It sounds silly, but getting feedback on these and seeing people actually buy them really makes me feel so much more confident in my abilities!...
Now that i'm finally making money on this project, i can afford to try more sculptures. I'm working on a small cthulhu charm now, that i'm hoping will be around the 8$ or 10$ mark. It's turning out super cute so far. If these do well, i'd like to do more monster charms like werewolfs, fudogs, kaiju, and some dinosaurs. Also maybe a chess set and piggy-bank in the future? I'm getting too ambitious...

• Lilly is doing awesome now. She's eating like a damned pig. She can smell when i'm getting her food ready, and she starts cruisin' around all excited. By the time I offer it to her, she's goin crazy and grabs it within seconds.
She's such a sweetheart. I've been trying to handle her more, now that she's eating. Her previous owner said she was never handled much, but I'm already seeing changes in her disposition. She's a lot less jumpy, and a little more adventurous outside the cage. And today, for the first time, she let me pet her on the head. No wonder she's so head shy... ball python heads are so sooooooft.

• Work is good. Games go to print monday, and by some miracle we got everything done. Pretty stoked about some of these, actually. I really enjoyed play-testing them, </strike>and i'm secretly proud of my work on them.</strike> Feels cool to work on something like this... even if i AM extremely sick of looking at it at this point. I've been looking at nothing but these files for weeeeeeeeks. I am itching to work on another product. ...I'm really hoping they just put me on designing the next game for another IP. I'm getting selfish, wanting all the board game design to myself but... i REALLY like the next product we're laying out and I super want to do some art and design for it! Got all sorts of ideas already, and we haven't even started yet. Haven't been this excited about a product in long time! Super pumped!
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